Communications that build trust

Our wide experience has given us a profound understanding of how to optimally address families with young children on the basis of their specific needs, with the aim of establishing a stable and long-term relationship with your brand. We offer the possibility to reach parents both offline, with physical products, as well as online through digital campaigns. Our unique communication channels allow you to join other leading brands in reaching three out of four parents with product samples, information, gifts and offers.


BabyBox can be ordered by expecting parents and contains relevant and welcome items for the expecting family.


BabyBag is distributed by care staff to new parents and is filled with popular and useful products that the new family needs.

Digital campaigns

Digital campaigns are dispatched to e-mail addresses, when new demands arise in families with children.

Selected addresses

Selected address lists allow you to communicate directly with the target group by means of print mailings, email, telephone or by texting.

Consumer surveys

Directed consumer surveys yield valuable insights into the needs and wishes of the target group and their views on relevant products and brands.